1. User: every user of this Website
  2. SOWISO: SOWISO B.V., Science Park 402, 1098 XH, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  3. Website: the website
  1. SOWISO is bound by, and fully compliant with, the European law concerning General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, or AVG in Dutch).
  2. By User provided personal data will only be used by SOWISO to ensure correct access to, and functioning of, purchased (or free) products. For example: making sure User is categorized in correct class/institution. Personal data will not be shared with third parties, except with explicit consent from the users.
  3. SOWISO will only store the data as long as needed for the user to use the SOWISO products and no longer than needed to comply with education laws specifying the storage of student-data. In general data will be deleted within 12 months after last user activity, unless the data has to be retained for legal purposes.
  4. When processing the personal data SOWISO will act with utmost precision and security. SOWISO has organizational and technical measures in place to make sure all data is stored in a secure environment which can only be accessed by security verified staff members of SOWISO with admin-clearance.
  5. User generated data on the platform can be used (anonymously) for research purposes by SOWISO and Higher Education institutions.
  6. User has the right to review its personal data and, in the case of being deemed incorrect, to change this data itself or by SOWISO. The personal data can be seen in Users Profile Page. User the right to request and export of its data, SOWISO will provide this data as a .csv file within 5 working days. User has the right to “be forgotten” meaning that it can have all its data deleted. It can put in such a request which SOWISO will comply with within 2 working days. Deleting all data of a user also means that the user cannot use the SOWISO products anymore and that their study results are deleted.
  7. To ensure proper functioning of the products SOWISO places cookies on Users computer. These cookies are solely used to identify the User and possibly create customized web-pages of the SOWISO products for User. The cookies will not gather any user data and will not be used for any other (commercial/marketing) purpose.
  8. The provided personal data by user can be used by SOWISO, with consent of user, to send e-mails on forum activity. User can set these e-mail permission in her profile, including the option to not receive any e-mail at all.
  9. For technical and operational reasons that may occur in the future, it can be necessary to provide personal data to companies supplying service to SOWISO (for example, hosting companies). SOWISO will make sure that all its suppliers adhere to the earlier mentioned GDPR and will make sure that it has Data Processing Agreements (Verwerkersovereenkomsten) with all these suppliers enforcing this.
  10. In case of a merger or takeover, SOWISO can transfer the right of ownership of the e-learning platform to a third part. User agrees that if that is the case, its personal data will also be transferred to that third party.
  11. The latest version of this privacy statement will always be available at this website. In case of significant changes to the privacy statement, users will receive an explicit notification. SOWISO will also make sure to ask for renewed consent whenever needed.